ROCK specimen Display Dugway Geode #A901

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This is a beautiful specimen I collected in Utah-where I reside. As with all rocks that come from the dirt from millions of years ago this one is unique. There is no other rock out there like this one. It is for sure one of a kind. There are distinguishing trades such as color, form, or crystal formation and associated minerals but the real beauty of this piece is that it is a gift from mother earth, Gaia made this in her primordial ooze so that one day you could pick it up and hold it and feel it's lifeblood energy surge through your very being. This rock is more than just some inanimate thing from the dirt, it is a divine source of energy and an energy delivery device much like a battery for divination, mediumship, and healing plus more.  Wether you are purchasing for the beauty of the piece or the energy you feel from it know that you are only the second person to handle it from after being dug out of the ground and being thoroughly cleaned by various stages of mechanical and chemical cleaning. Many of these rocks also have an amazing reaction to uv lights shortwave and longwave.  Because these are natural made items from mother earth you will expect there to be some minor flaws cracks etcetra this does not take away from the energy or beauty of the item but provides character. As with all my rocks crystals and gemstones I collect and sell, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase there are no refunds I will however work with you to see to a happy conclusion. And I don't end there all items come with a secret and very special bonus. The more items you buy the bigger the bonus is. I ship only in USA at this time.  Sometimes shipping and handling I lose money on so please bear that in mind when purchasing. I appreciate your patronage and please check out my YouTube channel "KerstenSafford Art" and subscribe. I do giveaways and share lots of fun videos about rock awesomeness! Have a super great day and thanks for purchasing through me!